Does this service work?   Today is my first lesson & where do I go on your web-site to get started?  
  Online education is not a new concept. There are hundreds of universities,   For the first time tutor will call on the phone number provided by you to get  
  colleges and entities that are providing online education. We have been   started.  
  teaching since Nov 2009. Hundreds of adults and children have   Who we are?  
  successfully learned to read Qur'an from our qualified Live tutors. Parents   Tutors with right background are selected and trained for providing optimal  
  have been pleased with our service and tutors.   learning experience for kids and adults. We have on-site director to  
  Does your web-site and/or software provide learning?   manage the tutors performance and address any of your concern.  
  Our web-site provides information only. Tutors will deliver actual lessons      
  on the time and days agreed upon .      
  5 days free trial, how to Register ? (  
  Do I take lesson from a CD or software?      
  This is a live service. So that means we are using web-site to provide   screen. Tutor and child will have computer head-set on. Head-set enables  
  information for our services. Actual teaching will be conducted by live person   two-way talking just like a telephone conversation. Tutor can hear student  
  at agreed upon time.   and can correct any mistake. They will be able to point to letters and lines  
  What if I (or my child) is not a computer and/or Internet expert?   with the help of mouse. It is just like taking class face to face. Most learning  
  Our engineer will help with basic installation of the software. On the average   for Qur'an is in class environment but we offer one to one education. Three  
  it takes 20 min. for first time installation. It takes less then a minute to be   days a week on the same time that is convenient for you, tutor will be
  online and start taking class. On-going Live classes are conducted 3 days a   present to teach you.  
  week. You need very basic familiarity with computer and internet. You don't   What is the cost of your service?  
  need any computer expertise to take lessons.   1- We charge by the time and number of days you require. Ist family  
  How would I receive class 3 times a week?   member is $50 (USA Dollars) per month and 2nd family member is $40.  
  You and/or your child will turn on the computer. Tutor and student can see   Each week there will be 3 individual lessons. Each lesson is of thirty  
  each others online status with the software/icon tray green button. They will   minutes.  
  talk to each other just like a telephone conversation but through the      
  computer. Tutor and child will see the same lesson on their computer      
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