What Do You need to Started?  
  1. You will need a computer and/or a laptop.  
  2. You will need a Broadband internet service  
    ( Either DSL and/or Cable Modem )  
  3. We/you will install online learning software, we can  
    can assist with installation.  
  ( Computer headset has head-phone and microphone )  
  Assessment:   Teaching Style  
  We will first assess current level of student's Arabic proficiency. Our care   Each student is different and has own learning style. Our tutors specialize  
  program provides one-to-one learning so tutor and student/parent will   in learning every child style and needs. Teachers are calm and teach in  
  agree on where to start.   friendly way. They motivate and inspire students to go to the next level of  
  Teachers / Qaris:      
  Our highly qualified teachers have extensive related education and are   One-to-One Tutoring:  
  certified when they join us.We have learned and optimized our learning   With this method tutor focuses on the need of one student at a time and  
  method through teaching 100's of student since early 2006. Most of the   pays all attention to learning style of the student. We strongly recommend  
  tutors have:   one-to-one method. Learning in a Class Environment approach is called
  • 4 years of Islamic Degree   sometime “Factory Approach” which is not the best method of learning.  
  • Memorization of Entire Quran      
  • In depth training in Tajweed      
  • Training from us how to better motivate children for learning      
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