This program encourages interested students to memorize Qur'an at their own pace.

The Hafiz of the Quran has such a rank in this world that he is one of only two types of people considered worthy of envy.Under the Chapter of the Blessedness of the Holy Quran's keeper in Sahih Bukhari is the following hadith:"Abu Huraira t narrated that Rasulullah r said: There is no jealousy but of two men: A man whom Allah has taught the Quran and he recites is during the hours of the night and during the hours

Quran Memorization (HIFZ)
Valueaddition for children
and adults trying to learn
the Quran for Worthiest life.
  of the day, and his neighbor listens to him and says   that Alif-Lam-Mim is (just) one word, but that Alif is a (separate) letter  
  "I wish I had been given what has been given to so-and-so, in order that I
  (word), Lam is a (separate) letter (word), and Mim is a (separate) letter  
  might do what he does; and a man whom Allah has given wealth and he   (word). (Tirmidhi)  
  spends it on what is just and right, whereupon another man may say: "I      
  wish I had been given what so-and-so has been given, for then I would do      
  what he does" (Sahih Bukhari).      
  Abdullah ibn Masud t narrated that Rasulullah r said: He who reads one      
  letter of the Quran it (becomes) for him a good deed, and a single good      
  deed is rewarded (by Allah) by ten times the like thereof. I am not saying      
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